Where is San Pedro and what is the closest airport to fly into?
San Pedro is located in the Caribbean Sea approximately 30 miles off of Belize’s mainland at the most southern point of the Yucatan Peninsula. The nearest International airport is Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, code BZE.
How do we get from the international airport to San Pedro?
You can either take a water taxi or book a flight.

If you take the water taxi, you’ll need to take a cab from the international airport to the water taxi station (there are two options: Belize Express and Ocean Sprinter). It’s roughly a twenty-minute cab ride and typically costs $25 USD. The water taxi ride is approx 1.5 hours from the marina to San Pedro, stopping in Caye Caulker to drop off guests.

If you book a flight (there are two airline options: Tropic Air and Maya Island Air), you’ll remain in the airport and board from a gate in the main terminal. It is a 15-minute flight from the international airport to the airstrip in San Pedro.

Do you have a shuttle service from the San Pedro airstrip or water taxi?
Yes, we have a complimentary shuttle service and can pick you up at the airstrip or the water taxi.
Where are you located on the island?
We are located 1 mile north of the airstrip and half a mile from the water taxi station. We are two short blocks south of the bridge, in a neighborhood called Boca del Rio.
How close is your property to the beach?
We are located 220 steps from the beach.
What language is spoken on the island?
English is the national language in Belize, but Creole and Spanish are spoken predominantly as well.
What is the currency?
The Belize dollar is the national currency and the US dollar is accepted as well. The exchange rate is 2:1
Are credit cards accepted?
Yes, but Amex and Discover may have higher rates associated with them. The island also has numerous ATMs located throughout town.
Can we rent transportation?
Yes, we have a fleet of golf carts onsite, available to our guests only, for daily or weekly rates.

Our carts are clean, comfortable, and priced competitively among the other cart rental companies.

Do you allow pets?
No, we do not.
Do you have free wi-fi?
Do you have a laundry service?
Yes. Our onsite housekeeper will do laundry upon request for $10 USD per load.
Do we need electrical adaptors?
If you are from the United States or Canada, don’t worry about the electricity. If you’re visiting from Europe, you’ll need adapters.
Do you have hair dryers?
Yes, each of our suites have hair dryers.
Is tap water safe to drink?
We recommend drinking bottled water and will provide you with a complimentary 5 gallons of water. We will deliver your next 5 gallons to our suite for $5 BZD ($2.50 USD)
Do you have a fitness center or spa?
We do not, but there is a nice workout facility located right across the street from our property and massages are available under a palapa on the beach, just seconds from our property.
Do you have a restaurant or bar?
While we don’t have a bar or restaurant, we do have a full kitchen and grocery stores, delis, and fruit stands all within walking distance. Additionally, we are located within a 10-minute walk from over a dozen restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and cafes.
Can you coordinate boat tours and mainland excursions?
Yes, we work with a gold-standard tour operator who will coordinate any kind of tour you’re interested in.