CNN is smitten with Belize

By BBN Staff: CNN is the latest in a growing number of international media houses to feature a travel writing piece on Belize, exposing the country’s tourism potential to the world.

Yesterday, CNN published a piece entitled “Besotted with Belize: Top reasons to visit the Central American gem,” which highlights major tourists attractions found countrywide.

Apart from specific destinations such as the Great Blue Hole, Maya ruins and the Belize Zoo, the piece also took time to highlight some of the experiences and the people that make Belize a unique destination in the region.

“Now’s the time to check out what this tropical haven has to offer before the buzz on Belize gets even bigger,” CNN said. In the section entitled “Further south” CNN went on to say that “Perhaps Belize’s most unique treasure is the culture of its Garifuna people.”

The number of tourists coming to Belize has met and broken records every year for the past decade, and with more flights becoming available from various destinations within the United States along with countries like Panama, Mexico, and Canada, expectations are that those numbers will increase.

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